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LLPO Law Firm was established in 1999 as the result of two existing law firms merging together. As a result of this merger, LLPO was one of the first law firms in Cyprus to be founded on the equal partnership model.

At the beginning of 2006, LLPO initiated the formal internationalization of its services with the establishment of offices in Athens and Bucharest, focusing on the Greek and Balkan markets. Then at the beginning of 2011, the firm launched a representative office in London. At the core of the firm’s sustainable expansion model lies the client-centric approach and sectoral expertise of its lawyers, in tandem with the ongoing utilization of innovative technology.

Following the relevant amendment to the Advocate’s Law in 2010, thereby permitting the incorporation of Lawyers Limited Company (LLCs), LLPO Law Firm was duly incorporated as Angelides, Ioannides, Leonidou LLC, at the time. Today, the firm consists of three equity partners, twelve Associate Lawyers, two trainee lawyers, ten non-lawyer professionals and three additional administrative personnel.

LLPO Services

Through its dedicated legal team, LLPO provides services in all major areas of law with a particular focus on the following services:

► Corporate Services: Cyprus and International Company Formation and Administration, Cyprus International Trusts and Foundation Formation, both Cyprus and International Tax Planning, Headquartering and Substance Solutions, Fiduciary Services, Banking Facilitation, Tax Registration Services.

► Financial Services: Capital Markets Services, Emerging Companies Market (ECM) Listings and Compliance Services, Investment Companies and Funds Formation, Licensing and Passporting, Nominal Advisory Services (Nomad).

► Litigation and Advisory Services: Commercial and Corporate Law, Advisory and Litigation, Criminal Law, Public Law and Public Administrative Law, Medical Negligence and Personal Injuries, Class Actions, Banking Litigation, Employment Disputes and other.

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Christos O. Ioannides

LLPO Law Firm, partner

Summary Profile
Christos is a partner of the firm. He practices law both as a litigator and as a transactions counsellor in the field of commercial law. As a litigator, he has successfully safeguarded the interests of his clients before both criminal and civil courts. As a counsel, he has advised on the methods under which clients achieved their commercial objectives.

Advisory Highlights
He acted as the main consultant in a number of studies and reports prepared on behalf of private, public, local, and international organizations in the areas of commercial law, European commercial regulation, European enterprises and financing regulation, competition, corporate law, gambling regulation, and intellectual property protection procedures.

Also he aided local colleges in their development and transformation into regulated Universities and acts as a standing consultant on their compliance with applicable legislation. He also lectures as a teaching staff on Health Legislation at Frederick University

Specialties: Commercial and Criminal Litigation, Labour and Health & Safety Regulation, Gambling Regulation, Universities & Colleges Regulation, Intellectual Property Regulation and Information Technology Regulation.

Christos himself is a professor of Health Legislation at Frederick University (Cyprus).

Litigation Highlights
Christos is involved in Litigation, particularly in cases connected to Commercial Law (both in the civil and criminal dimension), Financial Markets Litigation, Corporate Litigation and Intellectual Property cases, all with great success.

Examples are civil actions involving claims for the liquidation of corporations by reason of deadlock in its decision-making and management bodies, claims for the recovery of funds unlawfully obtained or paid to third parties, claims for damages by reason of civil wrongs (torts) or crimes committed against the company or against its shareholders, breach of Directors’ duties or other, claims for compensation for stock market and other regulated markets manipulation, claims for damages resulting from regulated investment firms, breach of statutory duties, cases involving infringements of copyright and other intellectual property rights. Moreover, under his commercial expertise he is involved in corporate debt collection through debt collection procedures, but also on debt restructuring through company law procedures.

Examples of criminal cases are those consisting of offences related to Financial Crimes, Fraud and Misrepresentation, Anti-Money Laundering Proceedings, Failure in Executing Directors’ duties, Preparing and Circulating Forged Documents offences, Forged Accounts offences, Unlawful Making of Profit related offences, Financial Services and other Regulatory offences and other related offences.

Inevitably, he is regularly involved in cases which require the issuing of interim orders to safeguard the fruitful conclusion of litigation. Examples of such orders are the popular Mareva Injunction, but also Norwich Pharmacal and Anton Piller orders.

Practice Areas:
● Commercial Litigation
● Criminal Law
● Class Actions
● Competition
● Financial Services
● Legislative and Compliance Services
● Lotteries, Gaming and Gambling Regulations

PHONE: +357 22 45 26 00

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Andreas N. Leonidou

LLPO Law Firm, partner

Andreas Leonidou is a Partner and a Co-Founder at Angelides, Ioannides, Leonidou LLC –
LLPO Law Firm in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Andreas acts as the leading counsel in major Commercial and Corporate transactions in Cyprus
and abroad, more particularly in Greece and the UK, where the firm maintains further offices as
LLPO Law Firm.

He advises individuals and corporations on structuring their investments through vehicles and
also advises them on Tax Planning.

As a legal advisor on Capital Markets issues, Andreas has substantial experience in the
preparation of Prospectuses for the listing and delisting of Companies and Bonds in the
Regulated and Unregulated Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and the acquisition of
shares of Plc by Public Offer. He also deals with the registration and licensing of Alternative
Investment Funds regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Andreas has extensive experience in:

Commercial Law:
Drafting and reviewing contracts of various issues, including sales contracts, supply of goods,
loan, rent, agency, distribution, warehousing, and commission agent agreements.

Drafting and reviewing of Sale of Shares Agreements of a Company with underlying assets,
Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements, the Registration of
Corporate Documents, Bonds Agreements, and Licensing under the Cyprus Central Bank.

Property and Real Estate Law Issues:
Drafting of Sale of Property Agreements, Consulting on Property Issues, advising on Property
Projects for retailers, developers, financial institutions and investors. Consulting in relation to
acquisitions and disposals of commercial properties.

Some of Andreas’ recent highlights include:
● Advising an E-money Institution to acquire a License under the Cyprus Central Bank;
● Sales Purchase Agreement for the sale of shares of a company with the following underlying assets:
i) Renewable Energy Licenses;
ii) Hotel in Greece;
iii) Block of 30 Flats and 10 Houses in London;
● Acquisition of a listed company in the Regulated Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange;
● Acquisition of a listed company in the Regulated Market of Cyprus Stock Exchange through a Public
Offer bid;
● Approving the Prospectus of a Bond through CySEC;
● Advising a company on the terms and conditions of a Distribution Agreement of an international

It is also worth noting that Andreas was a Member of the Board of the Cyprus Stock Exchange between

Practice Areas:
● Head of the Real Estate Department
● Company Law
● Financial Services
● Corporate
● Commercial Law
● Stock Exchange
● Sports Law

PHONE: +357 22 45 26 00

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George C. Polemidiotis

LLPO Law Firm, partner

George is a partner at LLPO’s Cyprus office. He advises high profile clients, multinational firms,
investment funds and asset managers on a wide range of commercial and corporate matters.

George represents clients in complex corporate and M&A transactions and has significant
experience representing investors and lenders on the acquisition, financing and development of
major projects around the world, as well as with respect to governance, workouts and disputes.

Clients rely on his experience in structuring and negotiating acquisitions, dispositions and joint
ventures, and to his ability to provide practical advice.

Before joining LLPO, he has practised for 15 years with leading law firms in Cyprus including
the legal practice of one of the BIG4.


George is actively involved in the tech sector. He acts as mentor and assists startups to get
organized and funded.

With LLPO’s expertise and its position as a major player across the fields of financial services,
banking, investment funds, insurance and regulatory compliance, and together with
cross-competency teams of the firm, George advises both growing and established technology
companies for their licensing and on matters relating to their operations.

Clients include payment providers and other new tech players leveraging disruptive technology
or business models.

Noteworthy experience:
● Represented a leading Russian tech services group on the financing and later
acquisition of a major online fashion retailer selling high-street and luxury brands;
● Advised a foreign investment group on the acquisition of the largest online listing
platform in Cyprus;
● Performed for a South African health company a buyer’s side legal due diligence on a
major Cypriot pharmaceutical company with international operations;
● Advised major banks of top repute (including Deutsche Bank, VTB, Bank of Moscow and
Sberbank) on financing transactions where Cypriot companies acted as obligors and
where Cyprus owned assets was put as security. Worked in close collaboration with
multinational law firms such as Clifford Chance, Allen & Overy, Baker & McKenzie,
Squire Saunders & Dempsey, Dentons, CMS Cameron McKenna, DLA Piper, Hogan
Lovells and other;
● Advised a Polish investor on a governance dispute of a leading international records
management business group owned through Cypriot companies.

Practice Areas:
● Mergers & Acquisitions
● Private Equity
● Corporate Governance
● Corporate
● Financial Services

PHONE: +357 22 45 26 00

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