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Pétur Albert Haraldsson
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About Fidesta ehf.

FIDESTA is a global Investor Platform.

What we do:

  • Support investors.
  • Build teams around projects.
  • Source global off market investments.
  • Engage our network to implement projects globally.

Iceland’s location in the middle of the Atlantic is ideal for meetings and for launching international ventures and projects. Extensive global business experience enables us to act swiftly and interact with decision makers in business and government.

Pétur Albert Haraldsson

Petur Haraldssont.jpgPétur Albert Haraldsson,

is the Founder and Executive Chairman of FIDESTA.

Pétur has been a key advisor to international corporate and private clients for over twenty years and led FIDESTA’s project teams in a variety of demanding business transactions. His early career includes management and CEO positions in Europe and the USA.

Pétur has co-founded several ventures and served on the Boards of companies in industries including finance, technology, telecom, engineering, energy, mining, software, retail and real estate.

Pétur is also active in Social Enterprising and is the founder of Driving Sustainability (