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Afonso Barroso

About Abreu & Marques e Associados

The founding partners of Abreu & Marques, together with other lawyers initiated a joint practice in 1972, thereby founding the partnership. The law firm was incorporated in 1980, immediately upon the advent of the publication of legislation which allowed for the incorporation of these types of firms.


It was a pioneering firm in the internationalization of the Portuguese legal practice, opening a branch in London in 1987. In 1992 it opened an office in Funchal to handle local matters in connection with the Madeira International Business Center. Within the scope of its continued expansion the firm has presently associations with offices in Angola, Mozambique and correspondents throughout Europe, in the United States and in Brazil, being a member of The Law Firm Network.

In 2001, Abreu & Marques e Associados integrated the law firm Luís Vinhas, Isabel Garcia e Associados, with experience in the areas of commercial law and in civil law litigation. As a result, the firm adopted for a period the name of Abreu & Marques, Vinhas e Associados.

In the latter part of its third decade of continued existence, Abreu & Marques e Associados, with the natural renovation of its partners, lawyers and staff, remains focused in what has been its guiding strategy since incorporation: giving technically sustainable solutions for the resolution of the matters assisted within the practice, adding value to the interests of its clients which, being the reason of its very existence, are its absolute priority.


Jorge De Abreu


Born in 1946, graduated from Lisbon University in 1968, graduated also in Comparative Law in Strasbourg and has been a member of the Portuguese Bar since 1970, having practiced law since then. Member of the Advisory Board of “The Center for American and International Law”, Dallas, Texas, the “Association of International Petroleum Negotiators”, Katy, Texas, the “International Bar Association”, the “Law Society” in London, the “International Tax Planning Association”, the “Union Internationale des Avocats”, and was a member of the District Council of the Portuguese Bar Association in 1986; and President of the Institute of Law Firms within the referred Bar from 2002 up to 2004, and member of its Superior Counsel from 2005 up to 2008.



Afonso Barroso

Born in 1963, graduated from Lisbon University in 1987 and has been a member of the Portuguese Bar since 1989, also being a member of the “International Bar Association” and of the “International Tax Planning Association”. Has been practicing law since 1987 in Abreu & Marques of which was made partner in 1999. Secretary of the General Meeting of the Portuguese Law Firms Association since 2007.

Funchal Office

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Contact: Jorge de Abreu or Afonso Barroso

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