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Global Employment Law – Fact Sheet (2023)

Dear Readers,

When we first published this Guide in 2018, we did so in the belief that a comparison of national employment laws across a range of countries is a very useful tool for recruiters and prospective employers. Through the use of standardized questionnaire forms, it is possible to quickly gain a basic understanding of how employment systems work in each country.

The feedback and responses over the following years have solidified this and, thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of many of my colleagues in the Employment Law Practice Group of the Law Firm Network, we are delighted to present already the fourth edition of the Guide.

It is therefore our genuine hope that you will continue to find this collection of value in your HR practice.

With sincere thanks to all contributors.

Alice Mlýnková, PARTNER AT LTA Legal s.r.o. (CZECH REPUBLIC)

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