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1 Feb 2023

Pietro Minaudo joins Cocuzza & Associati as of Counsel

Pietro Minaudo, formerly General Counsel of the Percassi Group for several years, has joined Cocuzza & Associati, Milan office, as of Counsel.

For Minaudo, this is a return to the private practice after a 20-year in-house career: 7 years as Head of Corporate & Legal Europe at Autogrill; 3 years in the role of General Counsel at SAES Getters S.p.A. and then 9 years within the Percassi Group coordinating all the Group’s legal, corporate and compliance activities. In this role, Minaudo was involved in a vast number of transactions: from the expansion of a hugely successful network such as KIKO MILANO, to the drafting of partnership and franchising agreements with prestigious world-renowned retail brands including Nike, Lego, Strarbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, YSL; to the management of commercial, retail real estate, joint venture, M&A, protection, management and transfer of trademarks and IP rights contracts; and to commercial consulting and sports law aspects of the Atalanta football team.

Pietro Minaudo keeps his role as a member of the Supervisory Board of the retail companies of the Percassi Group.

For Claudio Cocuzza, Founder of Cocuzza & Associati: “This is a transition that gives us an immense pleasure. Pietro has worked over the years with all the partners of the firm on several transactions. He is a leading representative of our world, the retail real estate sector, in which the firm boasts a strong specialization, I would say one of a kind ever since it was founded 30 years ago.

Pietro Minaudo comments: “Joining Cocuzza & Associati was natural for me; the firm specializes in all areas of law that I have been involved in over the years. We share a lot of contacts and experiences, and we are working to share and integrate them. I am expecting a lot from this important turning point in my professional life.

Alessandro Barzaghi, Managing Partner of Cocuzza & Associati concludes: “It is not every day that a General Counsel holding a position of this importance decides to return to the private practice. We can only be pleased that he has chosen us. This important news will certainly allow us to develop synergies between the knowledge gained by Pietro and the specific knowledge of the firm. We have already noticed that in addressing clients Pietro is very direct and pragmatic and takes a decidedly different approach from lawyers who have never been in-house. We will be even closer to the companies we assist.

For Pietro Minaudo, this is a return to the private practice, having worked in the early years of his career with other leading Italian and international law firms.

Cocuzza & Associati, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, continues its path of expansion most recently marked by the arrival of Eva Knickenberg Giardina, both licensed in Germany and in Italy, along with Irene Grassi and their team, and the joining of Thomas Mambrini, head of the administrative law department. Today the firm has 26 professionals, presides over all areas typical of business firms, and intends to continue its expansion through the inclusion of laterals or mergers with boutique firms.



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