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TRENDS Legal Magazine – Employment Law No 7 (November-December 2022)

Data Protection and Employment

Volume 2: Employee privacy & processing of personal data in employment relationships

Welcome to the current issue of TRENDS, in which we continue with our series about employee privacy and processing of personal data in employment relationships.

Thank you for your interest in the opening part of the series in which we dealt with the processing of personal data in the hiring and on-boarding process. Now, together with our colleagues across continents, we have looked at the processing of employee personal data in the course of an employment relationship itself. We raised some important questions and tried to answer them in the context of our local legal systems. In doing so, we believe that we have succeeded in creating an interesting comparison of various national approaches which might serve as an inspiration for a further discussion about the reasons for the differences in local legislation and practice.

We hope that you will find reading this guide as inspiring as we have found its preparation and that we managed to cover the most pressing issues which lawyers across jurisdictions encounter. We look forward to returning early next year with the final instalment of this mini-series, which will deal with matters related to post-employment personal data processing.

I would like to thank my colleagues from the member and partner firms of The Law Firm Network, who have shown great enthusiasm when participating in this publication. These single-topic publications would not be possible without the help of other people, who have contributed with their graphic, organizational, administrative and other input. Close international cooperation is one of the main purposes of The Law Firm Network and we hope that you will find this product of the joint efforts of its members worth your interest and time.

Alice Mlýnková

LTA Legal s.r.o., (Czech Republic)


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