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2 Aug 2022

Dominican Republic member firm Santroni Parsons is now Carbon Neutral

Environmental preservation is in our firms’ DNA. SANTRONI PARSONS is the first environmental and legal law firm certified as Carbon Neutral (CO2) by TUV Rheinland. This achievement has been possible due to our efforts on accounting, reducing and countervail the CO2 emissions produced by our operations.

A sustainable professional practice was achieved only with the support of our enthusiastic and committed team. Everyone at SANTRONI PARSONS takes their responsibility to collaborate from private sector, with the reduction of carbon emissions very seriously. We do this according to Dominican Republic’s pledges for 2030.

Together with Sambito, leader in environmental solutions and our ally for this project, we thoroughly accounted our green house effect gas emissions (GHGs) using ISO 14064-1:2006 and referenced with “The Carbon Neutral Protocol: The global standard for carbon neutral programmes” 2021 edition. According to these indicators, our practice produced twenty-three tons of CO2 per year. Quantifying per person, we found out that each individual generated two point seventy-four tons of CO2 per year.

For the reduction of our emissions to neutral it was necessary to make changes, some of the actions taken by our firm in order to reduce our CO2 emissions are:
* All vehicles were changed from traditional combustion to electric, aiming to reduce the usage of fossil fuels. 

* Acquisition of highly energy efficient equipment. 

* Optimize the usage of our resources 

* Ban single use plastics at our offices. 

* Instill a sustainable purchase policy, among others. 

Our founding and managing partner Romina Santroni said, “We are extremely proud of having achieved the international Carbon Neutral (CO2) certification and we believe that sustainability is the solution, we encourage our suppliers, clients, colleagues and friends to join us in the sustainability path despite the challenges and difficulties it may bring, because it is the only way we can endure a better-quality life for generations to come”. 
We agree with the author from Silent Spring Rachel Carson, when she mentions that environmental preservation is an endless cause. There’s no exact point in which we can establish that our work is done.

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