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TRENDS legal magazine – Insolvency & Restructuring No 1 (January-February 2020)

As the outgoing Executive Director, passing over my task to Rafael Blanco in the New Year, I am delighted to introduce the FIRST of our on-line Magazines on Insolvency & Reconstruction, introducing you to our Co-Chairs, Peter Krarup who handled the major Danish Insolvency Settlement, of Arnold Busck, booksellers and Monika Lorenzo-Perez who practices out of London who chair this Practice Group which meets virtually every month or so.

Insolvency has exploded, literally, as a direct consequence of Covid 19 – but much more important, Restructuring, following insolvency, will now be mushrooming . As with the Spanish Flu pandemic a hundred years ago, the world will emerge, more or less, intact sometime in the foreseeable future when vaccines or whatever is the practical solution arrives.

Then the real and vast task of Restructuring will commence. It will involve all sorts of new measures – regulations, statutes, decided case law; it will be local and it will be cross-border and it will be international. The needs and opportunities – for those capable & energetic, competent & visionary – in sorting out and taking advantage – will be legion.

The Law Firm Network, through its Insolvency & Restructuring Practice Group along with its Real Estate Practice Group, is perfectly placed to assist.

Founded some 30 years ago, LFN is a global network of strong independent corporate law firms, membership, one per country, based on Word of Mouth Recommendation of new Members, spread across the world with Members in over 50 jurisdictions & well established professional service connections in just about every country, has a proven ability to provide a seamless cross-border service.

In this issue you will read our contributions from Argentina, Germany, Ireland, Spain and Vietnam. We hope you will find these relevant, interesting and enjoyable! Please contact me, Peter, Monika and Rafael if we can assist you in any way.

The Law Firm Network is a network of independent law firms originated in 1989. Our members are not affiliated in the joint practice of law; each member firm is an independent law firm and renders professional services on an individual and separate basis.