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Boccuzzi Advogados Associados

Boccuzzi Advogados Associados has thought differently from the beginning. We were founded in 1996 on the basis of personal client service. Here, growth does not interfere with excellent customer service focused on a long-term relationship.

To achieve the goals we have had from the outset, Boccuzzi Advogados Associados has a compact and efficient structure. We have chosen to build a highly skilled team, ready to serve our clients in the way large law firms do, while maintaining the close relationship of a small firm.

Based on this fundamental idea, we have focused on business law as a boutique law firm, providing satisfactory results at an attractive cost.

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Eduardo Boccuzzi

Head of turcza law firm, partner

He is the founding partner of Boccuzzi Advogados Associados, where he works in the areas of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, banking law, capital markets and tax law.

In 2010, the magazine ‘Global Law Experts’ named him a recommended professional in the mergers and acquisitions area in Brazil.

He graduated from the University of São Paulo Law School in 1989 and has pursued further study at the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at London University and at London Guildhall University.

He has worked at the London office of Denton Wilde Sapte. He is a member of the American Bar Association, International Bar Association and the Banking Law Committee of the São Paulo section of the Brazilian Bar Association. He also serves as legal adviser to the Association of Capital Market Analysts and Investment Professionals (Associação dos Analistas e Profissionais de Investimento do Mercado de Capitais), or Apimec, where he is a member of the ethics committee.

He is co-author of the Brazilian chapter of the book “International Corporate Law Compendium”.

PHONE: +55 11 3039 6399
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Sao Paulo


Boccuzzi Advogados Associados

Phone: +55 11 3039 6399
FAX: +55 11 3039 6398

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San Paolo Building
Av. Bridadeiro Faria Lima
2055 – 10o Andar
Sao Paulo, 01452-001


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